Greetings to all, I am Visal Samoeun, the pastor of Church Unlimited, Cambodia and National Director of Harvest Training Cambodia. I would like to express my sincere welcome to everyone. I grew up in Kampong Cham Province, Southern part of Cambodia next to Vietnam Border. Even though Pol Pot regime was destroyed in 1979, but from this time till 1998 Cambodia still have civil war in country. It was so hard to live at that time, including studying and religious beliefs.

However, Our God still has a heart which is full of love for Cambodian people. Under observation, and strict rule for not allowing worshiping Christian God, Christian leaders still have the strength to share the Good News, but if they get caught, they will be imprisoned. With God’s call in 1993, I made a decision to be the follower of Christ through His servant in Kampong Cham province and got baptized in 1994.

Before I became the follower of Christ, I always think that He is a foreign God, to believe Him is to betray my parents, culture and things people use to do in this country. One day, I attended the cell group in Kampong Cham Province, I saw other youth learning English, I want to learn it too, but they say I could learn English there unless I come to Church every Sunday, then I came. Every week, God’s message touches my heart and changed my life. Since then, I gave my live to Jesus and that is when my new life starts with peace, love and hope of God flows into my life.

In 1998, God called me to be a youth leader in a big church in Phnom Penh, I remembered the time when I heard God spoke to me that, he will appoint me to be a Pastor, I laughed to myself and said, that’s impossible, because Pastoral works is not easy. In 2009, while I was working in a big organization in Cambodia, my phone rang, when I answer the phone, someone said to me, brother please come to work with me. When I first came to see the work, my eyes said no, but my heart felt peace at that place, after that, I prayed with my family and they told me that, this is God’s call for me.

So, in 2009 I started the work that God has called me since 1998 with my family. God put into my heart the Church Planting Ministry, Kid Ministry, Youth Ministry, Education Ministry and other works too. They are the Blessing of God for Cambodia. We have a big vision, we want to reach out to people of all ages for our God, and our purpose is to reach the Gospel out to 10,000 youths (Ten Thousand Youths). We want them to hear the Good News of God’s salvation and be saved.

Please join us in prayers that God would provide, because we don’t have enough funds or supports to do this work. We need our own Base so we could carry out this work easier, and to worship God. Because our fund and resource is so limited for us, but the work that God called us to do is growing so fast that’s why we need more of your prayers and partnership for this Ministry.

May God bless you abundantly!

National Director of HTC



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