House Churches in each village:

  1. Please pray for our farmers here, this is the time for harvesting. May God bless them a good result in planting rice.
  2. Please pray for our team, which intends to make an application for new believer water baptism once every three months.
  3. Pray for the church that we have just recently created/established, May the Lord bless them and strengthen their faith to follow the Lord Jesus from day to day to get stronger.
  4. Pray for our house churches and church members in each village as below:
    1. Harvest Training Cambodia (headquarters office)
    2. House Church in Svay Taplor village
    3. House Church in Samrong-South village
    4. House Church in Samrong-North village
    5. House Church in Traok-Kset village
    6. House Church in Toul Ang village
    7. House Church in Traok-Tasous village
    8. House Church in Tapor village
    9. House Church in Tor Tear village
    10. House Church in Tamom village
    11. House Church in Ampov Prey village (kids)
    12. House Church in Moha want village
    13. House Church in Prey Trom village
    14. House Church in Trapang Thna village
    15. House Church in Prochan Trea village
    16. House Church in Nhor village
    17. House Church in Samyong village
    18. House Church in Samlay village
    19. House Church in Chambork village
    20. House Church in Prey Kla village
    21. House Church in Prash Bakkor village
    22. House Church in Angkrong village
    23. House Church in Thom village
    24. House Church in Kor Krous village


  5. Pray for the church and the community that we are working with to have enough toilets for using, water filter, and pump wells.
  6. Pray for the house owner that allowed us to worship God in their home, May God blesses them and strengthens them both spiritually and physically.
  7. Please pray for the members of the church to love God first and set aside time to come to worship God regularly.
  8. May God bless House Church members have enough food, especially with their planting vegetables and feeding animals (cows, buffalos, chickens, etc).
  9. May the Lord bless the members of the church to be healthy and they will not fall into the trap of the evil spirit.
  10. May God continue to open their hearts and give them wisdom to understand the Words of God from day to day.
  11. May God tie up the evil spirit in the villages that we are working, that they have no power on the people of God, so that we do the work of God easier (especially the power of spiritual blindness).
  12. May the Lord touch the heart of church members to the courage them to share the good news of God Jesus to those who are lost, to bring them to salvation of Christ.
  13. Pray for our house church leaders to become a real people of God and ready to go to anywhere for serving God.
  14. Pray for Mobile Clinic to have funds because this is the way/key to bring the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to the community.
  15. Pray for “small businesses program” to have a sufficient budget to help the leaders of the church have decent living conditions, in particular, is that not all of them are concerned about serving God.

Kids in each village:

  1. Pray for the many young leaders to stand up to help guide many kids that we are working in each village above.
  2. Pray for the needs of our kids in each village, especially we need some toys or kid materials for this project.
  3. Pray for the new child groups that we have just recently created, May God give strength, faith and love to the children.
  4. May the Lord bless the kids do not just come to play or want a gift, but may the Lord bless them to love God with all their heart, soul and strength.
  5. May God give them know how to pray to God as well.
  6. May God open children parent’s heart and allowed them to come to worship God.
  7. May God give them have a good health, brave to sharing the Words of God to their friend, their parents and other people.
  8. Protect them from evil spirit.
  9. Prepare their future.

Church Service:

  1. Pray for Harvest Training Cambodia to have own building to worship God and do His ministries. (It is not easy that always moving the base from place to place or year by year).
  2. Pray for the new members to really be strong in God (some might only say “yes” but in their heart don’t accept Christ).
  3. Keep praying for revival among the youth, that they would make decisions to follow Christ and be brave to declare Jesus to their families and friends.
  4. Give them a good health, wisdom, protection and love God more and more in their everyday life.
  5. Protect them (church members/youths) from evil spirit and prepare their futures step by step.
  6. Pray for the Guitar teams formed and taught by Puthy become a good worship team.
  7. Pray for English Bible Class and Computer Classes that God will use these classes to open hearts of people/student to receive the Words of God as well, because by these classes many people will come to learn other skills and hearing the Words of God.
  8. Pray for unity among our leaders here in Svay Rieng (now pastors and leaders from other churches and organizations always come monthly to pray together in HTC.
  9.  Pray for Church Planter Training Class. Every month our House Church Leaders (HCL) always come to this class, May God use this program/class to building up the capacity of our House Church Leaders for serving Him.

For the team and ministry:  (ministry and personal needs)

  1. Pray for finances in Harvest Training Cambodia (HTC).
  2. Good health, wisdom, guidance and God’s protection.
  3. May God provide for the needs of HTC team and our family (Visal, Doeun, Puthy, Kunthea, Sunla, Sarin and our Leaders in the each village).
  4. Pray for Pastor Visal and his family “Nary, Elkanah & Angelica” that God provide them good health, wisdom and a vision from God to lead HTC team as well.
  5. May God provide enough money for Elkanah and Angelica the children of Pastor Visal to pay for their school from year to year.

Thanks you for praying for us :)

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